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  • Mental training for sport...

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One-to-One Sessions.

Meet with an expert mental performance consultant for the purest and most beneficial form of mental training services.

Interactive Workshops.

Koncium workshops emphasize your present strengths while providing you with the practical tools and inspiration needed to reach that elusive next level!

Keynotes Speeches.

Tailored to for your team, we focus on delivering engaging, uplifting, and educational introductions to topics within our field.

What is mental (skills) training?

Mental skills training is the application of sport psychology theories, principles, and strategies to enhance performance and self-awareness.

Mental Toughness
Performance Planning
Imagery & Mental Practice
Stress Management
Team Cohesion

Welcome to Koncium.

Koncium Mental Training is a Canadian-based company made up of certified mental performance consultants (MPCs) whom are members of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. Our MPCs have studied sport psychology extensively at the graduate school level and are experts at enhancing mental performance, wellness and personal growth of athletes, coaches, performing artists, business professionals, and many other high-performance occupations.

By getting mental training from an MPC, individuals and groups of ALL ages and ALL skill levels can learn to optimize their “mental game” and take the next step towards accomplishing their dreams and reaching their potential!